Christian Wedding Bands Sets (EXPENSIVE BUT UNIQUE)

christian wedding bands sets

Christian wedding bands are perfect if you and your partner decided that you want God to take full control of your relationship once married. Couples feel proud to take their relationship to the next level with God by their side.

Christian Wedding Bands in Christian Jewelry:
When you are wearing a religious wedding ring, you are committed to yourself and your partner and you take your religion and faith seriously.

Christian wedding bands come in a variety of precious metals such as white gold and sterling silver and a base metal like tungsten.

Christian Wedding Bands with White Gold:

White gold is a mixture of pure yellow gold and other metals that make it harder and gives the white gold color. White gold is pretty durable but it all depends on the types of materials which were added, so meaning the carat of the white gold will determine the durability of the jewelry. These type of wedding bands are normally for her but can be for him as well.

Tungsten Christian Wedding Bands:


Scratch resistant

Does not bend, very strong metal

Variety of colors like black, white and grey

Quite affordable

Heavy weight like platinum


The rings cannot be sized and need to be replaced or exchanged

Is quite heavy, too heavy for ladies but men prefer to wear tungsten rings

Can cause nickel allergies

Christian Wedding Bands with Sterling Silver:

Sterling silver rings are a combination of silver and other metals such as copper. The silver is usually to soft for producing objects such as rings and necklaces and this is why this metal is combined with copper that gives it the necessary strength but still preserving the ductility and the appearance of the metal.

Christian Bauer wedding bands: 

Christian Bauer rings are truly magnificent and beautiful. They specialize in the production of wedding rings for the premium market sector. These products have a modern and elegant designs with a touch of uniqueness.

Men’s wedding bands:

Tungsten is the preferred metal for Christian wedding bands for men due to its heaviness.

His and hers matching wedding bands sets:

His and hers wedding bands are a truly perfect gift for each other, your rings will look the same but the men’s ring will be bulky and bigger than the women’s ring. You will find that these matching Christian wedding bands sets are actually very pretty and you will look in sync with each other.

Christian wedding rings are a symbol of your love for each other and when you get married God is playing a big role in your future relationship.

Religious wedding bands are usually just a simple, plain wedding band, because the bible is warning us against wearing shiny jewelry. It gets attention and God does not like vanity. This does not mean that these rings look ugly, some of them are quite beautiful and will probably still get a bit of attention.

Most of the Christian bands I have seen are unique and engraved with a special, scripture from the bible or a personalized message for your loved one to always remember the promise you made the day you said “I do”.

Some of those Christian wedding bands sets have a picture of a dove or any kind of animal that you can find in the bible. You’ll also see crosses and various religious figures, which make all of these rings unique.

You don’t have to buy a religious wedding band if you don’t want to. It’s all up to you, it does not mean that your relationship with God is not strong; you can wear any ring you like, and still be committed to God.

If you value your faith, then buy a religious wedding band or any Christian jewelry.

Wedding vow bands are also available, where you can engrave your own vows or purchase pre-made bands with vows. Rings engraved with vows give an extra special touch to your wedding and makes your wedding more unique.