Diamond 3 Stone Engagement Rings – Perfect Diamonds!

3 stone diamond engagement ringsDiamond 3 stone engagement rings are desired by almost 95% of woman.

Every girl wants one of those gorgeous stones.

Most girls like showing off their new diamond rings; it makes them feel special and those rings definitely get attention from everyone.

Diamond rings can also be referred to as eternity rings. It is a symbol of the eternal love you have for each other and the everlasting commitment between the two of you.

I would really recommend that if you’re a guy, buying your true love one of those rings to put an endless smile on her face. The saying goes like this: Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. I truly believe that! I should know. I am a woman myself.

Each of the three stones in the ring has a meaning.

The left stone is the past, representing the amazing past the two of you had together. The middle stone is the most important one, because it represents the present. It means your love is strong and will last for a brilliant future together.

Usually, the middle stone is larger than the other two side stones. The reason why the middle stone is larger is because it symbolizes the importance of your current love for each other.

The last stone, which is the stone on the right, represents the future. It symbolizes a continuing love for the two of you in the future.

The prices of these diamond engagement rings will vary according to size, total weight and total carats of the diamond stones.

Some of the three stone engagement rings are really expensive, but if you shop around you might get a special offer where you can also receive a free diamond ring as a bonus, so look for finer details. Isn’t it amazing?

Most Popular Diamond Engagement Rings Shapes:

  • Round Brilliant Diamonds: It’s the most common and most expensive engagement ring on the market. It’s also the prettiest diamond of them all. The round shape diamond ranks no.1 when it comes to popularity.
  • Princess cut diamonds: This is the smallest diamond you can get, very sexy though. It looks like an upside down pyramid. The Princess cut engagement ring is almost the same as the round brilliant cut. Popularity wise, it ranks no.2.
  • Oval cut diamonds: This stone shines due to its rounded ends. Oval diamonds are favored by women who have short fingers and small hands. This diamond shape gives elegance to their hands.

No matter what shape you choose, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is to see that smile on your future wife’s face when you buy her Diamond 3 stone engagement rings. Click here to learn more.