Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings… The Fantastic Diamond Ring!

emerald cut diamond engagement ringsEmerald cut diamond engagement rings is the perfect ring for traditional weddings.

First you got to know what your woman wants and likes!

If your future bride wants a classic wedding, then an emerald cut ring is the perfect choice.

You can get all kinds of precious stones that can be an emerald cut, like a ruby, diamond, sapphire, etc, but the most common stone used for an emerald cut is a diamond.

When I first heard about an emerald cut diamond ring I was so confused and didn’t really know what it was.

After some research I came to the following conclusions:

  • An emerald cut is a fancy but classic cut… just like you get princess, round and oval ring cuts. Emerald cuts are also available in 3 stone diamond engagement rings.
  • They are not easy to find, but if you look at the right places you will find them.

An emerald cut is either a rectangular or square shaped cut with two diamonds on the sides or one diamond on its own. It also has corner cuts. It’s known as step up, since it looks like the steps of stairs.

Emerald cut diamond rings are available in 14 ct yellow gold, 14 ct White Gold, 18 ct Yellow Gold, 18 ct White Gold or Platinum 950%.

An emerald cut is a unique, stylish, elegant and very sophisticated shape. These engagement rings are a must have for every women, it’s very popular and favored by most women. What could be better than a diamond with an emerald cut shape?

Emerald cut diamond engagement rings don’t come cheap. They are very expensive. You do get cheaper rings, but of course you will have to be satisfied with lower quality. It’s best to look for a colorless emerald cut, due to its higher value.

The design of this ring says a lot about the personality of the person who is wearing them. You are stylish, sophisticated and elegant. The perfect ring for the perfect women.

An emerald cut does not sparkle as much as other cuts like round and princess cuts and the brilliance is less. The diamonds in an emerald cut shape are usually larger than the other cuts.

The emerald cut is classic and subtle, and emerald cut diamond engagement rings would make any woman’s eyes pop out.