Facts About the Birthstone Aquamarine: March Birthstone!

facts about the birthstone aquamarineAquamarine is a beautiful light blue gem that’s very popular.

7 Amazing facts about the birthstone aquamarine:

  • The word aquamarine was originally conceived by the Romans. ‘Aqua‘ means water and ‘mare‘ means sea, because it looked a lot like light sea water.

  • It’s the birthstone for March.
  • This birthstone is closely related to an emerald gem stone and is a variety of the mineral beryl.
  • It’s less strong and breaks more easily than emeralds.
  • It is an excellent stone to use for meditating.
  • Today, this stone can be found in many countries such as Brazil, Russia, Zambia, Mozambique, Angola, Nigeria and many more.
  • These gemstones will match almost any skin tone.

Facts about the birthstone aquamarine can be really useful when you are planning to buy yourself aquamarine jewelry.

Culture and history of the aquamarine birthstone.

  • It can reflect your personality and it helped fortune tellers because it was believed that to be a magic mirror.
  • It’s also known as the treasure of the mermaids that helped to keep sailors safe and to protect them from evil monsters from the sea.
  • If you’re married, it will help you solve your differences with your husband/wife. This birthstone would make an amazing anniversary gift.
  • It will also help you make new friends.
  • It is also believed to help against gossiping.

The color variation of aquamarine stones

This birthstone has different shades of blue from pale blue to sky blue with a hint of green. The darker the stone is, the more valuable it is. So if you buy a dark stone you will pay more than the lighter stone. Greenish aquamarine stones are less expensive than a pure aquamarine stone.

The double refraction of light from different angles within the stone causes it to reflect two different colors; blue and greenish. The pure color of this stone is a pastel sea blue color. It is a very wearable gem.

You have to understand what an aquamarine stone looks like, because it can be confused with blue topaz. A Blue topaz stone almost has the same color than the aquamarine stone. A blue topaz is just darker than the aquamarine. Below you will see the difference.

March stones are available in rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets and other jewelry.
Facts about the birthstone aquamarine can be really useful when you are planning to buy yourself aquamarine jewelry.