The Light Pink Birthstone Is The Gemstone For (SEPTEMBER & OCTOBER)

light pink birthstone

Have you ever wondered which month is the pink birthstone? Here I will explain all the pink gemstones and their names just to clarify what month has a pink birthstone.

Pink Birthstone List:
Each of these are different shades of pink, ranging from purple pink to a light baby pink.

So the actual month of birthstones for the pink gemstones is October, but you also get a sapphire in pink.

And sapphire is the birthstone for September. The names of the birthstones for October are the tourmaline gemstone and pink Opal.

Pink Sapphire:

This gem is truly beautiful but extremely rare and therefore very expensive. Now you may have wondered which one is the better choice; pink sapphire vs. ruby?

I would definitely say the sapphire as it is rare and not everyone around every corner will have one of these semi precious gemstones. If you can afford it, I would really go for the sapphire.

There are various places online where you can buy loose stones to make your own jewelry, to get that perfect jewelry you always dream about.

The pink sapphire meaning is that it brings wisdom and true strength to the wearer. It will also help with the emotional body changes you might go through. These changes can be; love, letting go, dealing with rejection and forgiveness.

This gem comes in all types of jewelry but the most popular among women are the pink sapphire rings.

Below are some of my favorite pink gemstones sapphire rings.

Pink sapphire gemstone rings are favored by most women and ranks no.1 on the popularity charts. It’s sexy and stylish; it’s the finest gemstone in the world.

The tourmaline gemstone:

The tourmaline stone comes in a variety of colors but the favorite color is, yeah you guess it, pink!

The meaning behind the pink tourmaline gemstone is that it is well known for its detoxification properties and also this precious stone are good for people in the creating and craft business such as authors, artists and many more.

Pink birthstone tourmaline is known for displaying several colors in the same gemstone. If you’re celebrating eight years of marriage, the tourmaline gemstone is the perfect gift for your loved one.

This stone is also one of the birthstones for October.

Here are some pink birthstone tourmaline jewelry that you might find attractive:

Spinel Gemstone:

The spinel is not a birthstone but a beautiful gemstone. This gem is famous for masquerading rubies. They are extraordinarily more affordable than the famous rubies.

It comes in gorgeous red colors but can also be found in a range of light pink pastel colors. The fact remains that this gem is now rarer that rubies.

This stone is a very durable gemstone which makes it perfect for any type of jewelry including pink gemstone rings and necklaces.

Rhodolite Garnet:

The rhodolite garnet meaning is that it brings plenty of inspiration on an emotional level.

This gem falls under the different types of garnet one will get. It’s color ranges from rose pink to a dark purple red and it is mined in North Carolina.

The stone makes great rhodolite garnet jewelry especially a ring and earrings.

Pink Rose Quartz:

The pink quartz is a beautiful light pink stone mined in all parts of our world. There are truly an abundance of these gentle pink stones.

The pink quartz meaning love. Unconditional feminine love that speaks directly to the Heart Chakra. It flows with loving power all over the body’s aura.

These stones are the perfect use for jewelry such as; pink quartz rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings and also makes great beads if you want to try to make jewelry yourself.


This stone is truly beautiful with lots of sparkling. It was discovered in California in 1902, so this gemstone is still very young compared to other gemstones. They are now mined in Madagascar, USA, Brazil and Afghanistan.

The colors of this stone is a slight pink which often have a hint of violet in the stone. The Kunzite gemstone appears in different colors depending on the angle you look at it. It can be colors such as colorless, light green, violet and light pink. The darker the Kunzite, the more expensive and valuable it will be.

Kunzite is a rare pink gemstone. The stones of this gemstone can be larger than 8 carats. The lighter the color the cheaper it is. It’s a large gemstone and can also be used for cocktail rings.


Pink gemstones like the morganite has a gorgeous feminine color such as peachy pink. It’s in the family of beryls like the aquamarine and emerald. This gemstone has been known by another name but only for a hundred years has it been Morganite. It is often called the pink emerald.

The quality of the Morganite stone is determined by its color, so choosing a larger stone will bring out the color more than a smaller stone.

This stone is also a stone of love. The meaning is it persuades loving feelings and actions, kindness and dependability, and being open and friendly to loved ones.

Other gemstones that can also be pink in color is the pearl, Zircon, opal and the famous topaz.

The pink opal gemstone is most certainly my favorite pink birthstone. Along with the pink quartz and the tourmaline gemstone.

The above mentioned comes in a variety of different types of rings such as pink gemstone rings, black and pink rings, pink sapphire rings and pink quartz rings. The value of these rings depends on the transparency, size and color of each ring. Gemstone rings can be found in round brilliant, oval shape and floral design.

Other designs include twisted shapes, rings with pink pearls, rings with small diamonds around a big pink sapphire, etc. Rose, white and yellow gold are common metals used for the body of the ring.

Pink gemstone rings should be selected according to what zodiac sign you are.
Whatever gemstone ring you decide on, you can wear these rings to almost any occasion and you’ll be the center of attention. As you can see, there are many choices to choose from and pink gemstone rings are really beautiful and adorable.

What’s your favorite pink birthstone? Share your thoughts with us!

Now you know which months have pink birthstones. A gemstones list is a great way to know exactly which month has which pink gemstones.