Birthstones by Month: A Complete Guide (LIST OF GEMSTONES) + Chart

list of birthstones by monthList of birthstones by month is very interesting if you need to know what your birthstone is and what the meaning of your particular birthstone is.

Below you will find out everything you need to know about your birthstone including; the birthstone color, a table with the list of birthstones by date, a birthstone chart, and we will also list our favorite birthstone jewelry for that month so that you have some choices when looking at jewelry by birthstone.

I just want to mention that every girl or woman should at least have one birthstone jewelry. This is an absolute must. The month that you were born in matters a lot and here you can see why according to your zodiac sign.

FACT: Wearing any type of jewelry birthstone is a special memory you will create for the rest of your life.

Stone Pictures Month Stone Names Shop for Birthstones
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June Pearl, Alexandrite, Moonstones Shop NOW!
July Ruby Shop NOW!
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It is said that these gems are suppose to bring success and happiness in your life. So each birthstone has a different type of symbolism.

So learn what your birthstone months are by reading below. You’ll learn what each gemstone list signifies and the colors of the various stones.

There are 12 birthstones by month in the list of gemstones and they all have different gemstone names.

List of Birthstones by Month: Color and Meaning

Birthstone: January

The garnet birthstone and gemstone is the birthstone for January.

The most common color for a garnet is a deep dark red but are available in a variety of other colors such as purple, orange, yellow and a few more.

This gemstone is the perfect gift for a best friend as it symbolizes true friendship and trustworthiness.

The garnet price is not that expensive.

Birthstone for February:

The birthstone for February is the beautiful purple Amethyst.

You can recognize Amethyst by its purplish color that ranges from a deep violet to lighter shade of lavender.

Don’t expose this gemstone to sun as it will make its color turn to yellow.

Amethyst powers includes keeping you from getting intoxicated and keeping a reasonable way of thinking.

The rings and necklaces of the Amethyst gemstone is the most preferred type of jewelry.

Gemstone for March:

The light blue Aquamarine gemstone is the March birthstone.

This gemstone falls under blue gemstones with a very light bluish color like ice blue or light blue sea.

Your aquamarine jewelry will be perfect when summer and spring approaches. The aquamarine heart pendant is the most popular choice for aquamarine jewelry.

The gemstone meaning symbolizes courage which helped the sailors have a safe journey, and also giving the wearer a calm and cooling effect.

April Gemstone Color:

The gemstone of this month is the famous diamond.

The most recognizable color for diamond is white but are also available in colored diamonds such as pink, blue and yellow.

The colored diamonds tends to be more expensive than a colorless diamond. Expensive wedding rings are normally made from diamonds and this is why it’s so expensive.

Diamonds was believed to have healing powers and was thought to draw out harmful poison out of the body.

Birthstone for May Month:

The birthstone for May is the remarkable green Emerald.

Emerald can also be blue or yellow and is considered to be a precious gemstone.

When exposed to the sun, the Emerald will lose all of its color.

Emeralds is an extraordinary and very rare gemstone which makes this gemstone jewelry very, very expensive.

I do know this, as I myself are a Gemini. One day, I will too have my own Emerald jewelry.

The Emerald meaning symbolizes wisdom, growth and patience and the zodiac sign is Gemini.

Gemstone for June:

June has 3 birthstones which is the pearl, Alexandrite and Moonstone.

Pearl is considerate to be the more popular choice as jewelry made from this birthstone gives a natural look and beauty. Pearls is the only gems that are mined from the sea which reveals its natural beauty.

However, Alexandrite is very rare, which makes it very desirable due to the fact that it changes colors when coming in contact with different lighting fixtures.

Moonstones comes in a small variety of colors such as green, champagne, blue and peach.

July Gemstone:

The ruby is the birthstone for July.

Birthstone symbolism is said that you will have wealth, success, wisdom and health in your love relationship.

The best birthstones by month is the perfect gift for a true love.

The color of a ruby is a medium dark red or a purplish red.

This gem is one of the hardest gemstones next to the diamond that makes this the perfect gem for everyday wear as it is very durable and long lasting.

Gemstone for August:

Peridot is the birthstone for August.

This gem comes in colors such as yellowish green to a brown color.

However, most people prefer the lime or olive green of this gemstone.

This stone is believed to protect against nightmares and will bring a wonderful and happy year to the wearer.

Gemstone for September:

Blue sapphire is the remarkable birthstone for the month September.

The color ranges from light to dark green blue as well as different shades of deep blue which also falls under blue gemstones.

For me, this gemstones is very remarkable and extremely beautiful.

It symbolizes holiness, spirituality and keep harm from happening to your loved ones.

Gemstone for October:

Have you ever wondered what birthstone is pink? Well there are quite a few including pink tourmaline which is part of the light pink birthstone month October and you also get pink sapphire. These gems are extremely beautiful and I just love them.

October is the month for pink birthstones.

This month also have 2 birthstones namely Tourmaline gemstone and the Opal gemstone.

Tourmaline: Is a multi-color gem which comes in a rainbow of colors in one single gem.

This stone is helpful to people in the creating fields such as artists, authors and actors.

Opal: Each Opal stone is extremely unique with the colors in the stone.

The stones are just one of nature’s wonderful color makings.

The symbolism for Opal is faithfulness and confidence.

Gemstone for November:

Topaz is Novembers primary birthstone but Citrine is also part of the birthstone for November.

This gemstone comes in a variety of colors such as; purple, blue, yellow, orange and pink.

It signifies promotion of forgiveness and truth and it also cures and strengthens where needed.

Citrine: There is a diversity of shades collection from yellow to dark brownish orange.

This gem is abundant and therefore very affordable. It signifies trust, purity as well as affection, joyfulness and confidence.

Gemstone for December:

December have 3 birthstones and they are; Tanzanite, Zircon and Turquoise. December is the month of the blue gemstones.

Tanzanite: This beautiful gemstone has a deep violet blue color and can also be purplish. It is considerate to be of much value. The meaning behind this stunning gemstone is that it has physic powers which includes; seeing into the future and be able to perceive events not normally perceivable. This is one of the best birthstones by month gemstone and I wished this was my birthstone.

Zircon: Comes in a rainbow of colors such as yellow, blue, orange, green, brown, colorless and red (the rarest and most expensive one). This gem has quite a few symbolizes meanings such as protecting travelers from diseases, improves the appetite, relieves pain and ensures a good night sleep without any nightmares.

Turquoise: This gem is one of the oldest gemstones ever founded. They are superabundant and comes in a variety of jewelry that are not that expensive. The colors ranges from green blue to sky blue shades. The stone is the protector against all evil things.

The very interesting thing about this stone is that when the wearer is sick the stone will turn pale and it will lose all of its color when that person dies.

Gemstone and birthstones are believed to bring good luck and success to the wearer. Each one has their own symbolism as you saw earlier.
So there you have it… my complete gemstone list with the different types and names of each birthstones by month.

Now you know the list of birthstones by month and by heart!