Male Engagement Rings… For The Perfect Engagement

male engagement ringsBuying male engagement rings is not a common practice in western countries and giving him one of those rings will really surprise him.

These days however, it’s a practice that’s increasingly being used.

It’s best to talk to your man about which type of ring he prefers.

Does he prefer a plain engagement ring or will he prefer one with a gemstone inside? 70% of all men prefer a plain ring.

Modern thinking guys will probably prefer a ring with a gemstone in it.

You get all kinds of engagement rings for men such as plain, gold, titanium, platinum, white gold and silver, diamonds, two-tone etc.

  • Titanium and platinum don’t scratch easily, so it will be perfect for your man. Titanium and platinum are favored by most men.
  • Plain: Plain engagement rings have just one color and it’s made of metals like gold and platinum. There are no gemstones like diamonds or rubies. It’s not very pretty, but if he prefers it, then go for it.
  • Diamonds: It’s very attractive and they sell like hot pancakes. Usually the diamonds are in the ring itself with a design color of gold or platinum.

You can buy him a male engagement ring with a precious gemstone in the middle, or one with his birthstone. I think it will really mean something to him if you buy him a ring which has his birthstone in the ring.

Have you tried the matching wedding bands? I think it’s wonderful that the man and woman decide to wear exactly the same wedding bands. You can think about matching wedding bands when you and your partner have decided on a wedding date.

If you are searching for the perfect engagement ring for that perfect husband to be, you should get something he will like and that suits his taste. Buy him a titanium ring if he likes it. Engagement rings for men are usually wider and thicker in size, but not necessarily.

You do get affordable engagement rings for men, but the higher the price, the better quality you will get. The more expensive the metals being used, the more expensive the ring will be.

When buying engagement rings, you should not only consider the material and design but also consider the quality of the diamonds.

I think it’s sweet and romantic to buy male engagement rings… he bought you one, so you should too.